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Incorporating sports education within the existing education system.


“Physical fitness” “Personality development” and “Practical knowledge” are enhanced contributing to better understand of concepts of basic learning.


Learning via collaborations and competitive games enhances team work, technique and strategy building and superior understanding of game plans.


May 10, 2014

Ortho One hospitals deploy FIFA 11+ Warm up Program

Ortho One Physio Kannabiran & orthopedic surgeon Deepu Pradeep held a session on injury prevention and deployed the FIFA 11+ Program that focused on Technique on Warm up
May 07, 2014

Grassroots Sports Development trust and Magic Bus Collaborate

Magic Bus Football team arrive at Riverside Public School for a week long training camp
May 06, 2014

Coimbatore's First AIFF Grassroots Course

For the first time in Coimbatore caches took up the task of education of technical football via the AIFF Grassroots Course
May 02, 2014

AIFF Grassroots Course at Nilgiris

The First AIFF Grassroots Course in the state of Tamil Nadu happened at Riverside Public School Kotagiri .

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