Well live is a journey where I collaborate with people who make things happen for us. These things could be on various different fronts hence I’d take this section to acknowledge my friends who have stood by me during thick and thin.

Web & Content Acknowledgement

I would especially like to thank Charles Brian, Darshana Rao & Prathik Panchimia who helped set up our visual identity on the web. All the images you see on this site were shot by them. Muthukumar, Twinkle Guptha, Sulakshna Thananjayan & Deepa Gopalakrishnan has helped us to develop & edit content on this website. Without their assistance this web presence would not have been possible.

I also must thank Punith Bheeman who has helped design the website and Srikanth lal of Kriyasoft who have helped refine this web page and it features.

People Who Inspired me along the way and helped me set up.

Let me start by telling you my story here, something that I feel was very important behind my decision to launch v2V Media & Sports. I would continue by thanking you for reading my post and showing interest in what I have to say here. Please feel free to leave your queries or suggestions below in this post.
This company was officially founded in 2011 in partnership with my father, Y. Mansoor Sait. But the foundation stone was laid in 2008, when Arsenal FC was scouting for talent in India. I had just completed my Bachelor studies and my experience in business was on the retail front of my family business, and I am still involved in it to a certain extent.

My most cherished memories in sports were during my college days, though I was more successful in sports during my school days. My discussions with Mr Paul Shipwright now in charge of Arsenal FC’s venture in the Middle-East did not take off, as the club partnered with TATA Tea a very renowned entity in India. The club did come to India repeatedly and did scout for talent in the urban cities and specific targeted markets for the sport in India. I do remember following operations when they happened, suggesting opportunities given to Indian lads at the Emirates stadium situated in North London.

My hunger began from that failure, and I began hunting for different avenues where I could learn and begin a successful career. I always had passion for higher education in “Management and Marketing” because that was something I felt that lacked in the rural part of the country I was born and brought up in. I wanted to come out of a reputed institution which had a brilliant track record. However, sports remained an area of my interest since I had something in mind related to it for my career post college. I wanted to set up something that I felt had kept me from succeeding on the larger sporting arena, a dream I had always cherished.

My journey from 2008 to 2011 only helped me learn and understand various aspects of running a firm, operations and business development. I acknowledge every individual at Sutherland Global Services and Symbiotic Infotech who helped me evolve as an individual. My decisions of my future would not have been possible without the inputs I received while at work. My friends who were with me and the ones who were away always encouraged me in believing in myself and doing things I believed in.

My visit to Malaysia was instrumental in being able to begin learning about FIFA Grassroots. Mr Jeysing Muttiah who was a FIFA development officer at AFC introduced me to FIFA Grassroots. He was among the most encouraging people I met in football. I still savor the two Umbro Grassroots mini sized balls he gave me, saying to do it for the kids. My evaluations and study since then helped me discover the life cycle of the performance of an athlete and how an athlete is trained during his peak period which is during the grassroots period. I also have to thank one of my best friends Daniel Divian and his family for hosting me and, in helping me refine my goal.

We started working on our goal by building a sustainable platform for developing & funding sporting activities. We believe we can achieve our goal through initiatives like these. We then began hunting for avenues where this could be done, with the help of my dear friend Muthu Kumar. We did design the system we would be working on together. Once the planning was complete we began approaching schools where the project could be implemented. This in my opinion was the toughest phase of the whole venture.

Meanwhile I had been preparing for the FIFA Players agent exam that I believe was the best way to begin scouting. My networking helped me get in touch with various grassroots coaches and develop various metrics to measure progress on each front. This helped me tune to the suggested program a little better. Enormous research was being done on building a curriculum for the kids to learn each and every sport as a separate subject in schools. Interviews and questions from various youth coaches all over the world as far as football is concerned proved to be of great help to build the program up.

Academy Acknowledgments