I have been a business school enthusiast and have always been mesmerized by the charm of knowledge and intelligence that they possess. The perspective’s and mindsets always making me wonder, what if? I then began looking at what were the things they were studying? What was it that they were trying to understand? Thanks to people at Apple, Intel & Microsoft, my search had gotten easier.

The Chinese perception
As my learning grew, beyond the information on management practices I came across the topic of China. And how could a nation of that magnitude manufacture at that rate and supply to the world as well? If inventions were actually being sold at the right price or were they being pirated out the manufacturers. Which eventually lead to how the USA had such great educational and research facilities & how the nation was attracting people-talent from all over. However there was an interesting point that was made, how talent leaked out of every nation to live the American dream.

I began to look at figures that depicted, how many people were leaving the nation and why? Though the numbers were unofficial the people in the travel industry told me that most of the people who traveled either to the USA or the UK were going there to study. Business travel fell after 2008 according to a member of the British council. I since even contacted a few of my friends to understand why they went abroad to study? Among the lot many, who had settled there, My findings were reasons they did so were diverse.

Well It lead to an understanding how as a child the impact little things made and how many people were out to pursuit their dreams. How the lure of excellence or luxury was trying to define what people did. What was very clear was all was not well and patriotism was only with the name while actions were otherwise. The definition of success is evolutionary and changes as times fly by.

Measuring Success
Here I with my team members decide to try study what defines success over a period of time and how culture has an effect on it. We are going to be asking why is blue actually blue? Here in this adventure we try understanding how and why someone is what they are. Our focus is going to be on what caused the decisions one made and how they have an effect. We are going to try and define a few metrics along the way that will give ourselves a measuring point.

Why success?
Among the very many reasons people migrate from one country to another, success was a focal point. Though success revolved around various focal points, everyone wanted to be successful. The mode of achieving it was hardly on the agenda, but every one wanted it the easy way.

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