Research is an important part of business development and it means no less to us. Furthermore, research has always been a centric part of our development process in all stages and aspects of our growth. Below are the research activities we involve as a part of our best practices.

– > On internal scales, we progressively analyse the potential of the trainees and their strengths and weaknesses.
– > Technique analysis
– > Retrospective measures
– > Talent Sourcing
– > Information Gathering and inculcation

Importance of Research in Sports

Fundamental to the practical application of sports science research into coaching practice is the process by which research topics/innovations are determined. Research is evolutionary and in the past research has had a few redundant practices that can be attributed to various reasons.

However, the trend over the last decade has shown significant growth in the sector of sports and been one of consultation and collaboration with industry partners in order to meet needs that have been more complicated.

The methods by which researchers disseminate their findings have come under criticism. While funding Research as been another challenge all together, it is perceived that researchers resent their findings through scientific forums in a very non descriptive manner or even by non-scientists.

So V2V media and sports are stepping up to improve our trainees in the best way possible through research and development on for both the Trainers and the trainees.