The Academy is where we identify and nurture future talent. But we do not limit ourselves to only those who are talented. Anybody with a drive to learn is always welcome to our Academy.

The Academy’s activities do not simply end with creating sportspersons. Career building features high on our agenda. We make sure that we bring out inherent talent in every sportsperson and bring it to the fore.

The Academy is comprised of a team of professionals who have taken it into their hearts to work with each individual through each stage of his development and pay attention to aspects like diet, which varies from one individual to another, the mental grooming to instil in them the winning spirit, giving each of them the best possible exposure so that they can meet world standards, and most of all, instilling the spirit of sportsmanship among them.

At the Academy, we train our kids to develop the strength to face the various challenges, setbacks and disappointments they may have to face. After all, what is life without them? This is as important as inculcating the value of fair play among them, so that they don’t give up on their dreams.

Each student at the Academy also has a day-to-day record which will give coaches and doctors a better understanding of the needs of the student. In the end, our aim is to give our students enough grooming so that they not only become a part of the I-League but also earn recognition on international platforms.